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Refinished Wheels


B Auto Parts is proud to operate an on-site, alloy wheel repair facility

With state-of-the-art equipment, and trained technicians, wheels can be reconditioned to have the same look and durability of a new factory wheel, at a fraction of the cost.

The refinishing process is designed to make a wheel look new again by removing scratches, curb rash, repairing flaking clear coat and paint, and straightening bends in the lip without compromising the integrity of the wheel.

There are 3 wheel repair services that

B Auto Parts offers.


Wheel Straightening – can be done if a vehicle has a bad vibration due to a slightly bent wheel, our staff can repair the damaged area without refinishing the face of the wheel.

Full Wheel Refinishing – is performed if a vehicle has a wheel that has been damaged due to curb rash, scratches from an accident or the clear coat has started to peel off. No matter what the problem, our technicians will get it back to that “like new” finish.

Wheel Replacement – will be necessary if a damaged wheel cannot be repaired. Our sales staff can locate a used wheel, and have it shipped directly to you, or sell an already refinished wheel from our inventory.